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The Company

A hub of potential in the heart of Manchester

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Hiring-Hub is a classic start-up success story: an award-winning, web-based company built on grit, determination and a great idea. Its founders, Sara Jones and Simon Swan – two young, Manchester-based entrepreneurs – set out with the goal of energising the UK’s creaking recruitment process. With our help they’ve scaled their idea into a thriving online marketplace that allows employers to quickly receive qualified candidates from a host of competing recruitment agencies, filling vacancies faster, from a bigger pool of talent.

“Working with Source[Lab] has been plain sailing. They understand our product and our motives, and regularly add value beyond simply delivering a project or build.”

Simon Swan


The Brief

Turbo-charging the Start-up

Sara approached us in 2014, intrigued by our focus on business outcomes and won over, we like to think, by our northern charm. Hiring-Hub was flying high. It had featured in the Top 100 Startups for three years running, while Sara had secured investment to expand the company and enhance the underlying technology.

That’s where we came in. Sara wasn’t just looking for developers; beyond the need for Ruby on Rails expertise, she was seeking an agile consultancy partner to support Hiring-Hub’s platform and infrastructure during a period of growth. She needed project leaders with end-to-end insight and experience. We couldn’t wait to get started.

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The ‘get fit’ program

Triage & DevOps

Hiring Hub had grown rapidly in a short space of time. We helped to put in place the tools and processes to sustain this and the platform’s functionality, delivering robust software continuously to the customer. We advised on the best options for their business and triaged their Ruby on Rails framework, systems, security and servers.

Get Well Program

To support in-house their operations to ensure scalability and security of Hiring-Hub’s web platform.
Triage on existing practices, and implementation of new processes, technical procedures and tools.
Resilient, scalable core technology with full potential for development.

We implemented DevOps practises across their team, providing expertise on full-automated testing suites, test-driven development, configuration management, deployment environments, continuous integration and continuous deployment as well as a full server migration. This created a stable, reproducible infrastructure on which to scale the platform. It also allowed the business to find and fix user issues and feedback and ship new features to the user base quickly. We also provided guidance on security policies and put backup schedules in place for added resilience.

The ‘jobs dashboard’

Improving Internal Operations

As the business developed, the demands on its staff became more complex and new technology was needed to boost administrative efficiencies. We were on hand to provide technical support and advise on the best way to achieve this.

Jobs dashboard

Improving business productivity by cutting back-office work.
Designing new admin software from scratch.
A jobs-dashboard providing an up-to-date, timesaving overview.

For instance, by combining our business analysis and software development expertise, we were able to help Hiring Hub build a ‘Jobs Dashboard’ that tracks the progress of every vacancy, providing an easy, up-to-date overview of on-going activity. It allows Hiring Hub account managers to quickly check the next thing that requires their attention, freeing them from back-office work, and giving them more time to support their clients.


Reshaping and Resurfacing

The next focus for Hiring-Hub was to create a more user-friendly, sustainable platform. We have consulted on the usability of the software for the past 18-months, providing design and development support to their in-house teams when required.

Reshaping and resurfacing

To create a reliable, flexible, user-friendly hiring platform.
To introduce an updated user interface whilst ensuring business continuality without alienating existing users.
A smart, hassle-free interface that speeds up recruitment.

The new, improved web application allows employers to upload a vacancy, pick specialist recruiters based on their ratings and receive CVs within hours. They can also add additional users to review applicants, schedule interviews and move candidates smoothly through the selection process. It’s a slick, secure platform that’s built to last and works a charm.

“Hiring-Hub.com’s multi-award-winning product now fills technical roles 3x faster than traditional methods.”

Sara Jones



The Double-win

Hiring Hub moved to a recruiter subscription model in 2015, taking the opportunity to eliminate under-performing clients and creating a smaller, highly engaged community of recruiters. It was an ambitious project – adapting the platform to encompass user levels and subscription plans – and we were delighted to offer our support

Hiring Hub Subscriptions

To launch a subscription service with monthly packages.
Architecture, and infrastructure considerations.
A credit-based subscriptions service that rewards core clients.

Before we began to code the subscriptions model, we carried out a full upgrade of Ruby on Rails in order to access the framework’s improved features. This meant we had to tweak and update many of the software libraries (Gems), which were dependent on an earlier version. The process served a double-purpose – it allowed us to take advantage of new Gems libraries, and it gave Hiring-Hub an up-to-date, stable version of Ruby on Rails with further scope for platform development.

As for the software itself, we advised on the subscription framework, plus the technical enhancements needed to achieve it. Plus we set up a secure payment gateway API.

We supported the team through the switchover process, which was delivered without disrupting Hiring-Hub’s current clients. When the go-live date was chosen, the platform and the new infrastructure operated without a hitch.