A way of thinking. A model of working.
A path to success.

  • We reduce waste
  • We maximise resources
  • We focus on outcomes
  • We strive for the possible

The Lean/Agile method isn’t just a guidebook or a rule of thumb. It’s our bible. It’s the backbone of our business. It’s the streamlined, purpose-driven delivery system that helps us to transform so many companies – from start-ups to major organisations. And its guiding principles are Source[Lab]’s core values

The 5 steps…



1. Explore

Our first step is to explore your business and how you operate. Who are your clients? What are your objectives? Where are your concerns? We listen to you carefully. And we get in sync with the way you think.

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2. Check

Second, we check that your goals are realistic. Is the technology practicable? Are the costs manageable? If no, then we recommend adjustments to get you on course. If yes, then it’s time to get planning.

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3. Plan

Third, we plot a route. We don’t try to draw a map. Lean/Agile principles teach us to navigate in stages, with a spotlight in the dark. And as we reach a new destination, our endpoint becomes clearer.

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4. Deliver

The next step is to deliver a product as quickly as possible. This means you benefit straight away from your investment. Plus, it provides our team with critical feedback, and shows us what to focus on next.

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5. Reflect

Now it’s time to reflect. How is the product performing? What has the process taught us? We employ user feedback, metrics and hard data from our experiments and analytics to move forward with extra confidence.

Rinse and Repeat


Finally, now that you have an effective product, we help you and your team to sustain it. We provide training to ensure its continued profitability and a full service agreement for complete peace of mind.